Living Colour Interiors has  a passion for colour in living environments. Our work with colour is focused on a harmonious relationship between space, light, colour and people.  Colour in interior design is the most dynamic and easiest way to make a change and add personality to a space. We offer Expert Colour Services to freshen up and add a personal feel to your home: Colour Consulting and Design advice along with Classic and Decorative Painting.

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Our Story

The Principal, Colour and Design Consultant Leita Edwards traveled the world with her family experiencing many colourful cultures and ways of living before settling on Vancouvers beautiful North Shore.  Leita's extensive background in Fine Art, Decorative Arts, and Set Design in the film industry along with a fascination for how people live with colour led her to Interior Design where she uses colour to create unique environments reflecting her clients tastes and personality.

Professional Painters complete the Colour team. We are proud to provide clients with full service Consultation to Completion colours for the home.


  • COLLABORATION: Our Collaborative Approach ensures clients get the results they are after.


  • RESPECT: We appreciate that each home is as unique as its owner. Drawing on our expertise, we draw out your personality and reflect that in how we design your home.


  • FLEXIBILITY: Our variety of services allow you to take advantage of as much or as little help as you require. Perfect for DIY's and clients on a budget!


  • QUALITY SERVICES: Painting, Colour Consulting and Design done with attention to detail and focused on client satisfaction